The A-Team

26 Aug

The ALS Team

Ramon Parica

We went to MoA on Aug. 21, 2010 at around 4:30 in the afternoon. I was hesitant to join the ALS team because I think I’m the eldest and I don’t want to be their Big brother watching their back. When we arrive I met with someone and chat for a while then went to the 2nd floor near Nike store where the exhibit is in place without the teams knowing where I was. My feet are aching because of the four hours table tennis play before that. The exhibit is all about the project of multimedia students from SDEAS (School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies) community, I was lucky enough to know that most of the students conducting the exhibit are my friend.

They were exuberant upon seeing me arrive at their exhibit. We chat for a while, I mean we sign hardly coz I’m not really good at Filipino sign language. I miss most of them especially Din-din, Maria and Beverly. It’s been a while since the last time I saw them. I recognize faces throw a smile on them and what I get in return, another keen smile of course. I admit most of those faces know me for quite sometimes and they know my name. I regret that I am so terrible recalling names when I ask one of them about his name, he just throw a smile signing his name and telling me that I always forget his name. I felt sorry about it and been trying to avoid the same mistake again, but I think I’m not doing it better am still terrible in recalling names, I admit.

I was watching some clips made by the students and looking at their portfolio when I saw a familiar face from CSB. Confirmed, it was Mark De La Santa my former classmate in NSTP in the class of Ms. Jewel Diamante we chat for a while, he mostly do the talking and I just listen, he express his eagerness to learn FSL in fact he even tried to spell out the alphabet and one of the deaf is smiling upon seeing him trying to do his best. Mark is also a Multimedia art student from the hearing community and his enthusiasm to see the work of Deaf students made them feel important.

Here comes the ALS team, they arrive when I and Mark were chatting desperately about our NSTP class and how we miss Ms. Jewel, Patrick and our other classmate. I introduce Mark to the rest of ALS and I bet he would only recall three to four names. Though I was busy chatting with the rest of the guys my eyes look back and forth to my Deaf friend and I saw that they’re very happy seeing the team watching and looking at their portfolio. Jesus, one of the Deaf brought them in the exhibit and I’m glad that they came. I know the team is not much into art like that but I admired them for their politeness and patience. The team watch the presentation on the TV but I guess they’re not really interested into it so they start strolling around the exhibit again and we decided to leave and go somewhere else. I said my goodbyes and my hope to see them again.

EJ was a total jerk when he smashed his face on the glass wall of Nike store. I laugh at his story when were strolling down to the seaside. EJ, 19 year old man whom I guess was a six footer who loves basketball a lot and enjoy teasing his friend with some funny jokes. I enjoy their company because we have the same odyssey and I could relate to most of their fantasy and we laugh most of the time.

John Dave is full of interesting questions I saw it the first time I teach them and more of it during that Moa event. John Dave, 15 year old boy who’s very eager to learn sign language and trying his best to relate to whatever topic he comes across. He loves to rap and does some Harlem dance.

Imran, a Muslim boy (according to his team) whom I usually call coach because of his outfit. He always wore jacket just like the one we saw at movies. I admired him for he stand on his decisions, and I felt grateful seeing him supporting his mates even he could not join some of their activity. (Talking about the fun run, di sya tumakbo)

Jhelean, i don’t know much about him (I mean, her) I just wanted her to continue whatever her heart’s desire. Hope she would fulfil her dreams. Mahilig sya sa picture kasama si Jhade.

Joairib, naaah don’t know what to say. He’s kinda funny man wearing red shoes and orange shoe lace. Nice combination, I thought I saw LED in his shoes (just kidding). He smokes sometimes and been trying to stop him for a while. Yow stop it, kaya mo yan.

Margie, sino nga ba si Margie? Ahahaha.. di ko maalala. 23 years old if I’m not mistaken, hindi mahilig magsalita, ngingiti-ngiti lang at madalas nasa likod. Sya yung may nunal sa may labi, tama ba ako? Actually, I don’t know anything about her, except that she smokes and tried to convince her once to stop it, but she replied “may tamang panahon din kung kilan ko to ititigil, sabay joke ng “kapag malala na”

Anyway, enough with introducing the ALS, I’ll just do a separate blog on it. So where am I? We were strolling along seaside and decided to watch some performance along the area, some preferred to watch the dark shore with shimmering light across the bay. I lay down watching the moon and admire its mind boggling beauty.

Noi, Monding and I went to seaside to buy some fresh fish to be cooked at Atcha. We ate at Atcha’s resto. The foods are great Sinigang na maya-maya, halabos, Adobong pusit, pinakbet na magulang na yung mga gulay (hehehe) chopsuey at sisig. A night to remember ika nga. After the dinner I looked for Chef Bryan but apparently he missed the point when we were paying the bills coz he told me I should have asked for discount. It’s alright, next time I uttered (Noi, sayang naman nung discount noh.. rawr) The team are very happy watching the performer Shakira. She’s good I mean she can really dance with those booties. Then here comes the little Shakira dancing the same song. It was fun, and I bet they all had fun. I was planning for a drinking sesh that night but we have company of minors so it didn’t push through.

We walk past through the seaside, watch people slowly pass by and making noises everywhere then we stop at the dancing jabawokees wannabe’s, we started pulling John Dave and telling him to give his shot on the dance floor, but apparently he’s a little bit shy. I stayed a little more but after a few minutes I disappeared and went to bills payment.. (daw) ahahaha. I wish I stayed longer, Noi told me that Imran dance with the crowd. So, that how our Saturday night began.

Thanks to Pretty, Jesus, Vanny, Noi, Monding, and to ALS team


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