Step Up 3D

30 Aug

Step Up 3D


Yes! I just watch it last night and I couldn’t help myself but write a blog about it. I am not really a good dancer in fact I never been into dancing career. Maybe a little when I was first year, when I used to work for Benildanze as their all around crew, PM, SM whatever they call it. It was one of the hardest job because I envy them or rather admire them mostly, their moves their body structure and most of all their discipline.


Moose (Adam Sevani) from Step Up 2 the Street came back with astonishing moves as he went to New York University as Electrical Engineering student together with Camille (Alyson Stoner) his best friend. Moose promised her Mom not to do dancing again but before he could enter the University his obsession with kicks (dancing shoe) when he saw Luke (Rick Malambri) wearing it, brought him to a dance Battle with the known House of Samurai dancing Crew. He has no idea what he had done and that battle brought him to Luke’s dance crew, “The House of the Pirates” and became part of the crew to compete in the World Jam. Luke was benevolent he gave quarters to his crew, a place where they can stay. Moose was gladly welcomed by the Pirates and was amazed by his move down the street.

Luke filmed each dancer he met or rather his crew asking what brought them to dancing and how it all started. His interest to find remarkable dancers brought him to Natalie (Sharni Vinson) when he saw her dancing on his club. Luke terribly like her as the movie portrait it, his actions shows how she wanted Natalie not only to be part of his crew but be his girlfriend per se.  He used to film someone with great abilities in dancing and used to know and invite them to his House of Pirates. Eventually, since Natalie has nowhere to go she accepted Luke’s invitation.

Natalie and Luke become intensely close as the movie went by and they were very happy in each others company while, Moose is having hard time fixing his schedule in the University including his schedule with his best friend Camille. Obviously Camille was in love with Moose but Moose, I don’t know, he’s just really focused into dancing and couldn’t seem to see that from Camille.

There are preliminaries before they could enter the World Jam Competition, they had to face two dance crews and they had to win it. They successfully do, in fact they smoked them with their superior and impregnable moves and steps.

Natalie leaves Luke, one of the predictable things I saw when they first met. I had this instinct that Natalie has something to do with Julien (Joe Slaughter) Luke’s greatest rival, the leader of the House of Samurai dance crew. I am correct, yes she has something to do with Julien, and in fact they were brother and sister. Julien use Natalie to know what Luke was up to for the World Jam Competition. Julien succeeded but apparently Natalie, fall for Luke and she can’t stand what she’s doing to Luke.

Julien used Natalie’s phone to invite Luke on her birthday party. Luke and Moose came to the party even though the latter has Halloween Party to attend too with his best friend Camille. After moment of dancing Luke and Natalie was enjoying their intimate time, Julien appear with his plans to introduce himself as Natalie’s brother. Of course, Luke’s hated the moment so much as much as Camille hated Moose for not showing up to the party.

Luke was in deep trouble, his place was for sale in due time and he has to pay his 5 months amortization or else they’re going to sell it. Julien was buying the place and they had to move out, the crew got separated and Luke was losing his spirit.

Moose is not telling Camille what he was doing and she missed him not hating him for what he has done. All she wanted is little time from him and letting her know what he’s plans are. Moose told her that she misses her too more than dancing. They make up in New York Street dancing with the remix “I won’t Dance” by Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers. Camille told him that he can never give up dancing.

Moose find Luke and made him realize how he was so succumb to his leadership and that the crew needs him badly. One of the quote Moose said that I like “One move can change everything” it encourage Luke to pursue the Competition and crew was waiting outside for him. Moose helps Luke by adding crews to the House of Pirates from the Step Up 2 “The MSA,” including Camille.

The final battle began, the House of Samurai revealed their relentless moves, a unique black jacket uniform with matching black new era cap with its unique design was superiorly remarkable compared to Pirates boring maroon jacket. It was really awesome, exhilarating dance move. Astounding performance and almost made the judges win them.

Ah a a… Not so fast viewers, you got to see the Pirates move. It’s a jaw dropping experience, it made me wanna dance on my chair, and the kid beside me he’s amazingly surprised and happy with the movie and moves his feet out. Natalie helps Luke won the dance by dancing what they rehearsed in the past and gaining the momentum back. Those BFaBs (Born from a Boombox) rock my world. I wish I had that moves and flaunt it where ever I want to. The robot rock performed by the Pirates made the crowd crazy including their uniforms behind their boring jacket. Who could have thought? A uniform with LED lights that performs their changing colors as to the beat of the music. Oh men, thanks to electrical engineering student Moose, you’re the man.

Step Up as Dance Movie

It was superb, fabulous, fantastic, marvelous, breathe taking, stunning, captivating, insurmountable piece of art. I never felt anything like it before, I was so damned captivated by the choreography, by the moves they made and by the passion they portrait in dancing. Things that I thought impossible to do were actually real in that movie, those killer moves represent each personality. Moose and Luke puts the story to its highest veracity.

Sound Track

The music that they used was perfect. The singles from the album are: “Club Can’t Handle Me” by Flo Rida featuring David Guetta, “Already Taken” by Trey Songz, “My Own Step” by Roscoe Dashand T-Pain featuring Fabo, “Irresistible” by Wisin y Yandel “Candy” by Aggro Santos featuring Kimberly Wyatt, “Chillin'” by Wale ft. Lady Gaga so far and the song “I won’t Dance” by Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers.

“Feverishly crafted”


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