Where were you during the 9 11?

12 Sep

Twin Tower Attack

No. I’m not talking about the September 11, 2001 Twin Tower attack. I am talking about yesterday. I am thinking how did i spend my weekend and all of a sudden I felt that I am sad today. I am saddened by the facts that many people still thinks that our dearest Muslim neighbors are still to blame during the attack. I could not ignore it because it crawls in my mind and the urge to write something about it leads me here in my blogsite.

What can i say? The series of coordinated attacks during 9 11 by the 19 Al-Qaeda terrorist in New York was a terror to all of us. We condemned the wrath brought by this evil force to humanity. I am saddened by the death of 2,977 civilians who were brutally killed during the attacks and the death of the 19 hijackers who believed that they would reach the peace they were trying to pursue by this kind of terrorism. Well, who am I to say this words? I am just one of the creation of our GOD.

Eid Mubarak

Where am i going? I just said that this is not about the 9 11 attack, but I’m stuck at this issue. Why? Maybe because, just the other day Friday, September 10, 2010 I just experienced the enormous  joy brought by the end of Ramadan to our Muslim brothers/sisters and now after that celebration we come to commemorate the loss of all the families during September 11, 2001 attack. How ironic, Isn’t it?

I could not explain the feelings last Friday, I am very proud and happy that GOD gave me the opportunity to met and befriend with our Muslim neighbors. My keen eye could not simply stand to stare those faces, those happiness in their eyes especially when i saw them hugging and almost shed tears after the Eid Mubarak عيد مبارك celebration. My curiosity didn’t stop me, I ask Ara why did they almost cried after the celebration. Luckily I just found the answer “We were very happy that we are able to be here, alive and celebrating Eid Mubarak” a very simple message yet very powerful.

Where were you?

Let’s get back to the title of this blog. Where were you during 9 11? Me, i woke up at around 8am at the boarding house of my cousin after the night at MoA. I felt that i need to go home but then someone had texted me If I wanted to watch a film at Trinoma at around 730pm for he has 4 free passes. I don’t know my schedule yet,  I just remembered that today is the 9th year commemoration of 9 11 attack and began to ignore the thoughts and decided to watch the film Rain Fall in Laptop. What a way to waste the morning?

After which, I went to CSB and decided to join watch the film at Trinoma. I don’t know what’s the film all about? I didn’t even ask the title. I just thought that well it sounds exciting to watch a film that you don’t even know what was it all about. I met couple of friends in CSB and talk about old stuffs. The noon break in, Baldo wants to go to school, i told him to bring his table tennis racket so we could play. He brought some friends EJ and Anne, Claire went by followed by Jason and MJ. We played for almost 3 hours ignoring every problems that tickles my mind in every split seconds. We met new friends at the table area as usual, we invited them to play and befriend after. They call me politician when i do that, it didn’t bother as long as it does not annoy me.

After which, I just met another friend outside the school and invited me to join a religious concert, but then I have commitment.

The 13th Day

After 3 hours of table tennis play here comes the time we need to partake. Claire had just invited me to join the Bday party of his brother. I hesitated and finally decided that I’m not going because I commit to watch the film with Carlo and Jerome.

Trinoma. It was my first time to watch film in Trinoma, and guess what? It’s for free. 🙂

I would like to share my insights about the film. It was indeed superbly crafted. It was way too good to ignore. The movie is all about “Our lady of Fatima” and how she chooses the 3 children to carry the message of HOPE to humankind.

kindly see the synopsis attached.


October 13th 1917, Fatima, Portugal.

FACT: Over 70,000 witnesses watched the sun spinning in the sky before plummeting towards the earth, in an extraordinary prophesised event, which became known as ‘The Miracle of the Sun’.

In a world torn apart by persecution, war and oppression, 3 children were chosen to offer a message of hope to the world.

Based on the memoirs of the oldest Seer, Lucia Santos, and many thousands of independent eye-witness accounts, The 13th Day dramatizes the TRUE story of three young shepherds who experienced six interactive apparitions with a “Lady from Heaven” between May and October 1917, which culminated into the final prophesized Miracle.

Abducted from their homes, thrown into prison and interrogated under the threat of death in the government’s attempt to silence them, the children remained true to their story.

The lady, who later revealed herself to be the Blessed Mary, gave a SECRET to the children told in three parts, from a harrowing vision of hell, to prophetic warnings of future events including the advent and timing of the Second World War, the spread of communism, and the assassination of the Pope.

All three Seers have since died. Two of them have been beatified.

Stylistically beautiful and technically innovative, writer-directors Ian & Dominic Higgins use state-of-the-art digital effects to create stunning images of the visions and the final miracle that have never before been fully realized on screen.

Shot on location in Portugal and in the UK, 13th Day Films worked with a cast of over 250 to re-create the scenes of the 70,000 strong crowds, and 3 Portuguese children play the iconic roles of the Seers.

Witness the greatest miracle of the 20th Century, and experience the incredible, emotionally-charged and often harrowing world of three young children whose choice to remain loyal to their beliefs, even in the face of death, would inspire thousands.

from http://www.the13thday.com

The film had brought me somehow another sadness for it reminded me of how little faith i have.

If you have time, please watch the film I highly recommend it without cut or percentage. (just kidding hahaha)

Many Thanks to all of you my brothers and sisters.

Eid Mubarak


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